Easy and Simple Festive Mani Featuring Julep Polishes

julep maven mani nail art misti joelle

Here is a really simple, classy, easy festive manicure that will  sparkle up your holidays (or anytime of the year)!

These two polishes (except the silver base color for the glitter) comes from a company called Julep. It is another subscription box that costs 20 dollars per month. You pay by month (no lump sum like some other subscription services), so that means you can skip months. I don’t get it very often. The amount of each polish is only about 0.27 oz. Most polishes are usually in the 0.4 – 0.5 oz range. HOWEVER, they have some really amazing colors. When I saw these two colors, I had to have this month’s box. Also, the polish is 4-Free aka nontoxic.

You can head over to Julep, if you want to try out a box.

You can get this look by using a makeup sponge or using the wand the nail polish comes with. Just get as much polish off the brush as possible and put a little put on about 3/4 down your nail. For the next coat, keep a little more of the polish on the brush and start about half down your nail, so the upper part of your nail builds on the color. This time, get even more polish on your brush and put it on from a little below the tip. Finally, put more polish on the tip of your nail and you should achieve a gradient look.

julep maven misti joellejulep maven misti joellejulpe maven misti joellejulep maven misti joellejulep maven misti joelle

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