Easy Thanksgiving Nail Art Tutorial!

turkey thanksgiving nail art manicure
Thanksgiving is fast approaching. I have been slacking on the nail art department lately. I had been in a slump. Alas, I believe I am out of the slump. Expect some cute Christmas nails after Thanksgiving has passed.

I also, want to extend a humongous THANK YOU to everyone who has supported this blog. It’s been fun posting my nail art and recipes. I hope you all enjoy it and will continue to do so!

On to the nails!

I was inspired by this post from Ducking to Swan. Check it out!

Start off with a base coat and two coats of a brown.

turkey thanksgiving nail art manicureWith a tiny paint brush and dotting tool, make an outline of a beak and eyes with black polish.
turkey thanksgiving nail art manicureTo get a brush with skinny enough bristles, I just cut the bristles off a paint brush like so:

Now, with a dotting tool (or bobby pin, bottom of your paint brush, or any small rounded object) add white circles on top of the black circles. Don’t cover the black completely.
turkey thanksgiving nail art manicureGo back to your black polish, and add pupils.
turkey thanksgiving nail art manicureUse your paint brush to add orange to the beak. Again, do not cover all the black.
turkey thanksgiving nail art manicureThere’s your completed turkey! For the other nails I, I used nail art tape to make my designs. You can always cut skinny pieces of tape for this.

Make sure your nail polish is COMPLETELY dry. Put the tape on your nails on how you would like to design them. Paint the sections orange, yellow, and red.
turkey thanksgiving nail art manicureImmediately take off the tape to expose the brown lines.
turkey thanksgiving nail art manicureI decided to make each nail different. I put on a flake top coat on just the red, orange, and yellow parts of the nails.
turkey thanksgiving nail art manicureWhen everything is nice and dry, apply your top coat. This is the completed look!
turkey thanksgiving nail art manicure

turkey thanksgiving nail art manicureturkey thanksgiving nail art manicureturkey thanksgiving nail art manicureturkey thanksgiving nail art manicureturkey thanksgiving nail art manicure

Polishes Used:
Base Coats – Chip Skip by OPI
                      Gelous Nail Gel
Brown – “Nirvana” by Sinful Colors
Orange – “Club Havana” by Wet N Wild Megalast
Black – “Lights Out” by Wet N Wild Megalast
White- “Whipped Topping” by Wet N Wild Megalast
Yellow – “Alma” by Julep
Red – “Crimson Creme” by Sally Hansen
Flake Top Coat – “Snow-Flakes” by Color Club
Top Coat – Rock Top Coat by European Secrets

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