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A very gracious friend of mine was so kind to let my dog, Gumbo, try out this subscription service for dogs called BarkBox. What is pretty cool about this, is that they take in account the size of your dog when you select what kind of subscription you want.

I can’t exactly review the products in this box, but I will show you what came in it and give a description of what each item is. Gumbo is just getting over eating a whole bag of Almond Joys (wrappers and all), so he won’t be much help in telling me if he likes the treats or not. He is just now getting his appetite back.

All the treats in the box are healthy and organic. One toy and pet care item did come in this box.

What is looks like when you first open the box.

What is looks like when you first open the box.

barkboxbarkboxOf course every subscription box comes with a little flyer to explain what each item is and what theme the box is. This month’s was a “Back to School” theme.



barkbox IQ ball ourpets“Trade in yoru bowls. Dinner is now served in a toy! Unscrew the IQ ball, fill with kibble or treats, and adjust the plastic opening to make it easier or more challenging for your pup to extract the goods. It’s a great way to extend mealtime, as well as give your dog a brain teaser with his entree.”

superior farms venison ears barkbox“Chewy venison ears are a favorite at BarkBox HQ. We prefer these to the pig ears carried in may stores because of their minimal processing. These ears are cleaned, rinsed, and dried – no chemicals added! They’re crunch enough to delight pups but still suitable for sentitive teeth.”

barkworthies angus tendons barkbox“Rich in natural chondroitin, these Angus tendons will help keep pups happy and occupied while adding joint-friendly nutrients to their diet. They’re 100% natural, long-lasting, and sure to delight!”

etta says deer chews barkbox“A new BarkBox favorite, the team at Etta Says creates some of the most premium, all-natural treats we’ve seen yet. Another novel protein, these deer chews are great for pups with allergies!”

vetracare pet liquid bandage barkbox“Every parent carries bandaids and antiseptic when their children run off to the playground; why not have pup parents do the same? VetraCare Pet’s liquid bandage disinfects and protects cuts and scrapes. Given how many BarkBoxers enjoy rough-housing, we think this is an essential!”

wagathas pizza dog treats barkbox“Even the pickiest children love pizza. Not surprising, dogs also love pizza. Like BarkBox, it’s encased in cardboard and smells delicious! Our friend’s at Wagatha’s make a mean pizza treat with 100% USDA organic ingredients and a lot of love; better yet, it’s wheat, corn, and soy free.”

Head over to BarkBox if you want to try this out for your pup(s)! If you click on the BarkBox links I posted, you will get $5 off your first subscription!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Joe says:

    Another great new dog gift box out there is PoochPax at

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