Love With Food Box: Backyard BBQ

love with food

I received my second of three Love With Food boxes. After I get my third one, I don’t think I will renew my subscription. Mostly because of cost. Money needs to be saved!

If you would like to join this subscription box, just go to You can read about my first experience with Love With Food here.

Again I will put these in order of my least favorite food to my most favorite.

Here’s the inside of the box.

Love with food

love with food

love with food

love with food

Under all the food are coupons.

Under all the food are coupons.

Now onward to the food.

Snapeas from Harvest Snaps – These were….different. They were like pea flavored Funions. I only ate a few. They had flavor but not at the same time. The bag said it was lightly salted. I think if they were normally salted, they would have been better. If there were different flavors, I think I may try it. I think…

snapea crisps

Looks like a Funion, but definitely not a Funion.

Looks like a Funion, but definitely not a Funion.

Sea Salt Potato Crisps from Good Boy Organics – These were pretty good. I ate the whole bag. They are crisps, so they don’t have the same texture as normal potato chips. Again, I think they could have been salted just a tad bit more.

potato crips

Sugar-Free Fresh Mints from Project7 – These mints were good. Couldn’t tell they were sugar free. I LOVE the packaging of these. The really cool thing about this company is that whenever you buy a tube of these mints, they plant a fruit tree! I love companies like this that give back to the world in some way.

project7 mints

All Natural Salsa from El Pinto – The package said this salsa was medium. If medium means spicy enough to make my nose run and me want a pint of milk, then ok. This was some spicy salsa! There were tons of jalapenos and chili in it. It was good, though! It really caught me off guard how spicy it was. It said medium, so I made sure I got a good dip of it with my chip. Bad life decision. If you like spicy salsa, this would do you good.

el pinto salsa


Amsterdam Waffle Cookie from Rip van Wafels – I love love waffle cookies. I was super excited to see this in the box. The flavor given was caramel. On the back of the package, it gave instructions on how to eat it properly. I did everything it said to do, and man was it good. It was sweet, but not too sweet. Sometimes caramel can be overpowering with the sweetness. This is definitely something I would purchase in bulk.

rip van wafels


rip van wafels


Original Creamy Praline from Aunt Sally’s – Having this show up in my box was like a present from the gods. I am from Louisiana, the New Orleans area. This is something you grow up eating and try to make. When I was a kid, going over to New Orleans for the day was a big event. It was something special. When we would get to the Quarter, there was Aunt Sally’s. They have a window where you can watch them make the candy. It was magical. I’m not even going to say how much enjoyment I got from eating this. If you can get them, get many of them. You won’t be disappointed.

aunt sally's praline


Crunchers from Sahale Snacks – This was really really good. A simple snack with not many ingredients. It was like a granola without the granola. It has cranberries, almonds, and sesame seeds that are covered in an orange blossom honey glaze. This would be a good topping for many kinds of meals. It was good just eating it plain. I definitely recommend this.

crunchers sahale snacks


I didn’t review the All Natural Spice Rub from The Dizzy Pig BBQ Co. because I haven’t used it. I will be using it on some chicken I am cooking for my lunch. I will review it in that post later on.

Overall, I was really pleased with this box. Remember you can go to if you want more information on this subscription service.

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One Response to Love With Food Box: Backyard BBQ

  1. Katie DeLong says:

    The salsa paragraph is my favorite part of this post 🙂 Bad life decision hahahah!

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