Sleek Black French Manicure

black french manicureI really love simple manicures. Doing crazy designs is challenging and fun to have on your nails, but if you can get a simple manicure to look clean, sleek, and flawless, it’s awesome.

I love French manicures. I like to do any color I want for them. If  I want to do my nails, but don’t want to go through a lot of trouble, I usually either paint my nails one color or do a French manicure.

My trick to get a flawless French manicure: these stickers.

french manicure stickers

Place the sticker where you want it (remember to stick it on your hand a few times to get some of the tackiness). Paint above the sticker and immediately take it off to get a clean line. Super easy.

black french tipYou can never go wrong with a French manicure. I think having the French manicure be black just gives it just the right amount of drama, without going overboard. This is such a wearable look.

Don’t be scared to try new colors. Just because a French manicure usually has white tips, doesn’t mean it ONLY has white tips.

Have fun with your nails!!!


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