Faded French Tip Manicure Plus Polish Review: Zoya’s Aurora and Storm

faded french tip


I am OBSESSED with this polish. Look how beautiful it is! This is Zoya’s “Aurora” (purple) and “Storm” (black). This is a polish that has, according to their site, “micro fine diamond holographic glitter.” Wow! Gorgeous!

faded french tip

It is super easy to do this look.

I first took Zoya’s “Anchor” base coat and put it on my nails. I’ve had issues in the past with their polish chipping easily for me. It was because I wasn’t using the right base coat. Zoya is a Big 5 Free company. That means, all their polishes are free from  Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor. If you don’t use a base coat that is also the same, the polish won’t stick as well to your nails. I’m happy to report that their base coat helped SO much with the staying power of this polish.

zoya anchor


To create the faded french tip, I took Aurora and painted it on almost my whole nail. I then took a make up sponge and put the black on the tips of my nails. I just made sure it didn’t make a straight line. Depending if  I liked the look or not, I put a little more purple or a bit more black of where the fade should be. Of course, the final step is always your fast drying top coat!

faded french tip


I cannot stop looking at my nails when I wear this polish. It is so mesmerizing.

Here are some swatches of what they look like alone.

zoya storm aurora


zoya storm aurora

zoya aurora

zoya storm

zoya storm aurora

zoya storm aurora

zoya storm aurora


zoya storm aurora


These polishes are in my top 5 of all time favorite polishes for sure. I need to get my hands on their other colors from this collection.

Aurora (purple) isn’t as opaque as Storm (black), so it does require 2-3 coats. I think I put two coats of Storm on for safe measures. I usually wind up putting two coats on any polish I use. I like that these polishes almost look like a gel polish once you put a top coat on.

I really do suggest you buy their base coat if you plan on purchasing their nail polish. It really will help with the polish to last. Or if you know of another Big 3 or Big 5 free base coat, get it.

The polish is a bit expensive. It is usually $9 per bottle. I don’t buy Zoya that often because of it. Luckily, they have a lot of specials and promotions through out the year. That is when I buy mine. I definitely recommend checking them out at some point.

Can’t wait to do more nail art with these!!!


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