Monarch Butterfly Wing Manicure


monarch butterfly wings

I’ve been wanting to attempt these nails for a long time now. Last Friday, I had nothing planned, so I went for it.

This manicure took quite a bit of polish. I had decided to do a gradient on some nails. Speaking of gradients, I’m getting quite pleased with how much I’m improving with my gradients. I always strive for them to be seamless, and I’m getting there!




In the above picture you can see some kind of glitter on my nails. I used an awesome flake polish form Color Club called “Snow-Flakes.” I notice with some butterfly wings that they have a sheen to them, and I thought this polish would be perfect for that.

Here is the finish product! I feel like my lines are a bit thicker than I wanted them, but I can fix that with a thinner brush.

Right Hand

Right Hand

Right Hand

Right Hand

Left Hand

Left Hand


Left Hand

Left Hand

If you would like a tutorial for this look, I would be more than happy to recreate this for you all!

I will leave you with a video of how these nails look in the sunlight in motion.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


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