Maybelline ColorShow Nail Sticker Review

colorshow nail stickers

Anytime I go to a Walmart or Target for specific items, I ALWAYS leave with things I really don’t need. This trip I took to Walmart this weekend was no exception. I just had to buy some nail polish items (except the Gelous polish. I bought that at Sally’s.)

mini nail haul

I saw that some Maybelline’s Colorshow Nail Stickers were on sale for 3 bucks. I thought, “Why not?!” That’s pretty much the only reason I bought them, otherwise I wouldn’t have. I love the Colorshow line, so I was hoping these would also produce good results. I’ve tried nail stickers before. I HATED them. I couldn’t get the edges smooth and none of them really fit my nails. The brand I bought then was super cheap, so that may be why I had so many issues with them.

The design I decided to try first was “Resort Couture.” I love the design. I don’t think I could ever do this to my own nails. The package even comes with its own nail file and cuticle stick!

colorshow nail sticker

colorshow nail sticker

These were actually not that hard to apply. You just find the right sized sticker for your nail and put it on. They are easy to take off and re-position if they aren’t exactly where you want them. I didn’t really use the file that much. I used a pair of cuticle clippers. Those helped me the most to getting a pretty smooth edge. I used the file a little bit, but the clippers were the most useful.

2013-07-07 12.11.16

If you noticed in my manicure picture, I didn’t use a sticker for each finger. I could not find a sticker that was wide enough for my ring finger. I have pretty big nail beds, so I was impressed that most of my nails were able to fit the stickers. I decided to make an accent nail (I will have a post about those polishes later). So it all worked out!

2013-07-07 12.09.15
I will be honest, though. I did not wear these for very long. I kept them on for about 2 days. It wasn’t because they weren’t staying on. It was because of this slight bubbling that happened. The bubbling may have happened because of the curve of my nails. It wasn’t outrageous bubbling, but just enough to annoy me. If you have flatter nails, I don’t think this would happen. Here are a few pictures to show you what I mean.

colorshow nail stickers
colorshow nail stickers

If you click on the pictures, it will bring you to a larger version of it. As you can see, it bubbled at the tip of the nails. All I did was play with the bubbles and try to smooth it out. As I said, it may be because of the curve of my nails.

All in all, I would say this is a decent product. They were SO much better than the super cheap brand I bought before. I do have one more package of these I bought. I think these are good if you want to have fancy nails for a few nights and not do any work to have fancy nails.  I don’t know if I would buy these at full price because I feel like it’s cheaper to buy a bottle of polish and do my nails that way, but if I saw them on sale again, I may pick up another design.

How do you all like nail stickers? I’ve been interested in the gel ones, but that gets really expensive. Tell me about your experiences with nail stickers: the horrors and the joys.

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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6 Responses to Maybelline ColorShow Nail Sticker Review

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  2. Soma Shekar says:

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  4. Farin says:

    Saw them at my local dollar tree today.

  5. Amber says:

    If you use the file when you apply them, instead of a trimmer it smoothes the sticker to your nail. I found that out through trial and error!

  6. beth says:

    I use Sally Hansen, they’re much thinner then all the other brands, Kiss, Essie and Jamberries. I tried them all it seemed and because I have a curved nail bed the only one that works is Sally Hansen.

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