Bare Stripes Nail Art Tutorial plus Polish Review

The Nailasaurus is one of my favorite nail art blog/people. Her designs are always so elegant and professional looking. I had done one of her designs in the past, and I decided to try another. She calls this design the Christian Dior AW12 Fashion Nail. I have no idea what Christian Dior AW12 means, so I’m just calling these Bare Stripe Nails.

At the bottom of this post will be a short video tutorial.

I really love this manicure, but the polish I used made me hate it. I will get into that more in a bit. First, onto the tutorial!

Bare Stripes

2013-06-27 13.21.59

Always start off with your base coat. Then you will use nail art striping tape or regular tape cut into strips. I like to cut all of my tape first and put it on my unorganized nail art supply bucket.

2013-06-27 12.29.49

2013-06-27 13.02.02

After you get your tape how you want it, then paint your nails! I painted one nail and then immediately removed the tape. I repeated this for each nail.

2013-06-27 13.04.47
This was the outcome (I didn’t clean my cuticles yet at this point). I really love this.

2013-06-27 13.05.28
I will be honest though, I didn’t even do my other hand, and I immediately took off the polish on my left hand. While I was cleaning up my nails, I was making a bigger mess because of the polish.

This is the polish I used:

2013-06-27 12.11.26When cleaning up my cuticles and any little mistakes from the tape, the polish would go everywhere. It spread. I’ve had this issue with darker polishes before. Butter London’s Royal Navy does this to me as well. It stains my skin, and is really hard to get off completely. I became super frustrated and just took it off and didn’t even bother doing my other hand.

This is what my fingers looked like when I used regular nail polish remover and cotton balls:
2013-06-27 13.23.35So gross. Then I took my cotton swabs and acetone to get more of it off. A little bit more came off, but my nails are still somewhat stained.

2013-06-27 13.26.05I honestly don’t know if I will ever use this polish again. It’s a shame because I LOVE the color. Such a deep and rich green. What a shame.

I will revisit this design in the future, but use a different color.

If you decide to try this design #tag me on twitter or instagram at #noodmood. Don’t forget to tag The Nailasaurus too! @thesammersaurus or #thenailasaurus

Here’s the video tutorial:

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