Faux Splatter Nails

I’ve seen a lot of tutorials for water spotted manicures. I attempted it last night. The results were not very circular. Instead, this splatter effect happened. I quite like it.




What you want to do first is get some kind of container or cup and fill it with water. You want the water to be room temperature. Also, using filtered or bottled water is better than using tap water. I had neither of those so I had to use tap water and I think that may have played a part in why the spots didn’t really work. You also want to get some kind of spray that is alcohol based. You can use perfume, body spray, hairspray, or spray hand sanitizer.

2013-06-20 20.21.58

I started off with my base coat, of course, and then applied 2-3 thin coats of a nude color.
2013-06-20 20.21.15

Now get your water, alcohol based spray, and nail polish. I used a neon pink for this. The newer your polish is and the more your water is at room temperature, the better this will work. All you do is put in a few drops of the polish. It should spread pretty easily. If not, let it dry for a second, get a cotton swab and scoop out the polish.

2013-06-20 20.30.50

As you can see, mine didn’t spread out the best, but it worked for what I needed it for. When you spray your spray, you want to make sure you’re not too close to the water because it will make the polish go to the edges and you won’t get much of a design. I sprayed the water probably 2 or 3 times and this is how it came out:

2013-06-20 20.30.59Now, just put your pretty finger on any of the polish you want on your nail! I was actually able to do two nails at the same time. It should look something like this:

2013-06-20 20.31.44You can always re-dip your nail in the polish if you want more. Repeat the step with another polish. I chose black. Remember, not every polish comes from the same recipe. Each polish brand will react differently. The black I used didn’t do the same thing as my pink polish. It was more of a string texture instead of spotty. I actually liked it, but if you don’t, then choose another polish that will do what you want it to do.

2013-06-20 20.36.57After I was done with my hand, I had a huge mess on my hands. Literally. Clean up took a bit of time.

2013-06-20 20.38.51

I then decided to be smart and taped my fingers on my other hand. Look at the difference it makes in the clean up process! You don’t have nearly as much to do. I highly recommend taping your fingers when doing any kind of water marbling.

2013-06-20 20.53.16

2013-06-20 21.24.11

After you are done with all the polish, now it’s time to clean up your cuticles. I use acetone for this. Acetone really isn’t the best thing to use since it dries up your skin, but I’m a rebel like that. My favorite tool to clean up my cuticles are these awesome cotton swabs I buy at Dollar General. They have a pointed end and a flat end. I use the flat end to get any big polish spots off my finger and use the pointed end for my cuticles.

2013-06-20 21.25.28

2013-06-20 21.25.44

2013-06-21 13.55.10Room temperature filtered/bottle water
Container/cup for water
Tape for your fingers
Alcohol based spray
Cotton swabs
Polish removier
Base Coat – Anchor by Zoya
Nude – Finger Paints in “Don’t Make a Scene”
Pink – Finger Paints in “Pink Perspective”
Black – Wet N Wild Megalast in “Lights Out”
Top Coat – Rock Top Coat by European Secrets

Also, I’m loving the new video feature on Instagram. I will start using it to show videos of my nails and possibly food. Right now, the videos aren’t able to be embedded on posts, but if you just click the picture (or link if the preview isn’t working), it will take you to the video. Check it out!

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