DIY: Ghee (Clarified Butter)


One of the biggest expenses I found while engaging in a strictly paleo diet was buying healthy fats. Ghee (clarified butter or butter that is free of lactose) is my number one my fat of choice to use. I could never find it in my grocery stores, so I would wind up buying it on Amazon all the time. It would cost between $12 – $15 for each jar of ghee. This last time I did the Whole30 Challenge, I decided to make my own ghee. I’d rather spend $5 on butter than $12.

Here came the challenge for me: it was really hard to find butter that was Whole30/paleo compliant. The butter had to come from pasture/grass fed cows. Living in Kansas, I thought this would be easier to find. I saw most people bought KerryGold butter. None of my grocery stores had it. After scouring for a bit, I came across Organic Valley’s Pasture Butter. It was exactly what I needed. (Also, ghee is usually made form Unsalted butter.)

20130526_145525 20130526_145542

To make ghee, it is pretty easy. All you do is put the butter in a sauce pan and melt it over low medium heat. As the butter cooks, you will see it start to foam. You want to scoop out as much of that foam as you can. Keep cooking until the butter is very clear. You will notice particles or bits on the bottom. That is the dairy! You have separated the lactose from the fat.  Right when you see those bits brown, the ghee is done. You then want to either get some cheese cloth, coffee filter, or a little hand strainer and pour the ghee onto that into a jar. I had to strain mine  a few times because I used a hand strainer and it let some of the smaller bits still go through.

The awesome thing with ghee is, YOU DON’T NEED TO REFRIGERATE IT! The ghee has no dairy in it, so it won’t go bad. You have pure healthy fat. I do refrigerate mine, just because.

I highly recommend making your own ghee. It’s cheap and really doesn’t take my time or effort. It will always be a staple in my cooking. Just remember to get the best quality butter you can, and you’ll be set!

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